BTL fat “knife”

Face treatment and Body treatment

Working principle:

The ternary helical structure of collagen fibers is affected by heat and begins to disintegrate.

Focused single-stage radio frequency can quickly and effectively break down collagen fibers, separation of collagen tissue structure.

The natural healing process, which stimulates collagen fibrils, makes it active in making new collagen fibers.

The new amount of collagen is reassembled in the skin structure.

  • Increase the temperature and functionality of the tissue; Increase subcutaneous and muscular tissue by 4 to 5 degrees.
  • Enhancing blood flow. Capillary blood flow increases by 4 to 5 times, metabolizing matter oxygenated to increase the circulation of nutrients, antibodies, white blood cells, and lymphocytes.
  • Increases the elasticity of collagen fibers. Increase muscle     elasticity by 5-10 times, increase ligament, joint tissue and scar tissue (collagen temperature at 40-45 degrees Celsius that high elasticity will not damage the tissue)

  • Reduce joint stiffness.
  • Pain relief: For the pain caused by coronary heart disease, the use of thermoelectric probe hyperemia can alleviate the pain, and contact with the pain site or surrounding nerves can alleviate the pain of the muscle, ligament, and connection.
  • It relaxes the muscle spasm
  • Stimulating chronic inflammation treatment. Stimulating venous circulation and helping to absorb inflammatory fibroids that can increase oxygen, nutrients, white blood cells and antibodies.
  • Stimulation therapy for trauma. Based on increased blood flow, dilation of small arteries and capillaries can stimulate skin circulation and physical therapy.

1Treatment  45 mins          $127  


3 Treatment $330    6 Treatment $630  10 Treatment $990

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