Body Detox Treatment

The collected sweat is a mixture of brown and red from Body Detox Treatment. When I pick it up, the liquid on the lower body is reddish, while the sweat on the upper body is brown, good thing it’s not sticky. The normal color should be transparent, colorless and odorless. Two more treatment will be more healthy. I will update the next treatment.

Sweat can be shown as the indicator of Yin and Yang changes. The five Organ all can cause sweat, it is not unique to the liquid of the heart . Sweat signal is often a sign of many diseases in the body, especially the five color sweat has a unique aura value

The signal significance of five color sweat, different smell and thick sweat meant to different disease.

1.Black sweat color,  Black belongs to the kidney, sweat see black for kidney deficiency signs, such as black and clear sparse for heart kidney disorder. Should Conditioning and nourishing heart kidney to collect essence, such as black and sticky for kidney Yin deficiency, hot and humid. So need nourishing Yin and excrete hot and humid in the body.

2.Yellow sweat, signs of heat and humidity.Yellow is a sign of spleen color, yellow sweat is the sign of spleen color exposure, mostly due to dampness and heat obstruction of spleen or spleen deficiency and convergence. If the color is clear , thin and yellow, that is spleen deficiency, if the color is sticky and yellow , that is dampness and heat.

3.White sweat, white belongs to the lung, lung color exposure. Mostly for cardiopulmonary Yang deficiency, qi caused by deficiency. See white sweat out for bad signs, said that the relationship between khan and heart and lung weakness.

4.Red sweat, refers to epistaxis, which is a mental epistaxis and the main blood stream, the heart is the internal fire, and can be caused by epistaxis when the heart is heavy with fire. Red sweat is sweat out of the reddish, mostly is qi deficiency, also for the heart and liver fire . In addition, there is a difference between red sweat and spontaneous epistaxis, which is caused by the pyloration of sweat when the epistaxis is caused by acute fever and high heat. Also the administration of potassium iodide and other chemical agents, will prone to drug red sweat .

5.Green sweat,  the sweat of clear green, clear green for the color of liver and gallbladder, prompt liver and gallbladder essence leakage, it is a sign of very bad. In addition, greenish sweat in severe stage of thirst is the signal of ketone poisoning. Other, inject methylene blue, also can form medicated blue sweat.

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